Turron sales rise in Spain


SALES of Spain’s typical Christmas sweet ‘turron’ (similar to nougat) have risen by 2 per cent this year despite the financial crisis.

However, while in the past families bought larger packets and the product was often included by businesses in their Christmas hampers, this year, packets of just 100 or 200 grammes are selling best, and ‘turron’ is no longer a favourite for hampers.


Exports have compensated for this, as the Regulating Council of Jijona and Alicante Turron reports that figures will be higher than last year.

‘Turron’ is mainly exported to American, Asian and non-EU markets, where sales rose 34 per cent last year.

The more than 100 Jijona companies which make ‘turron’ have produced some five million slabs this year.


Photo credit: La.blasco


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