Captain Christantonis Konstantinos abandons ship


CAPTAIN Christantonis Konstantinos, who lived aboard his empty ship in Malaga harbour since December last year, has returned to Greece.

When his ship, the Arhon (or Apxon), docked a year ago an official inspection revealed several technical defects. The shipowners were unable to pay the €90,000 required as guarantee, leaving the captain and crew with no option but to remain on board.


Food, fuel, electricity and money started to run out and crew members began to leave the ship as conditions worsened. Finally only 49-year-old Konstantinos, nicknamed Captain Costas by those who got to know him, remained.

Living without electricity or running water, he ate each day in a Greek restaurant and was also helped out by Malaga’s port community who rallied round him.

Assisted by lawyers in Malaga and Greece, the Merchant Navy ministry in Athens provided €30,000 of the money Captain Kostas was owed. It is hoped that the remainder will be settled following the sale of the Arhon.

The captain flew back to Greece, after spending the night in a hotel – his first dry land in a year.


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