U3A Torrevieja visit Germany


THE Torrevieja U3A recently returned from their German Christmas Market holiday.

Planes, coaches, horse and carts, a gold mine, narrow gauge steam railway, and a mountain rescue (almost).


It could be the plot from an Agatha Christie thriller, but no, just a most successful holiday to Germany, organized by Pat and Rolf Buerger.

Intrepid travellers visited the beautiful town of Hildesheim, where some members took up the invitation to climb the hundreds of steps to reach the top of the spire of the church near the Market Square. Coffee and cakes were enjoyed in a Telly Tubby house in Bad Harzburg!

The Council Chamber at the Neues Rathaus in Hannover was thrown open to welcome U3A members, where the Burgermeister received both an address from Chairman Bob Hill, and the gift of a Torrevieja Salt Boat.

The Harz Mountains, so beautiful in all seasons of the year, decided to welcome U3A members with winds of 70 M.P.H., creating a wind chill of minus 10 degrees; and a snow storm! December is an interesting month! But yes, we survived The Brocken! Later, to recover, a Medieval Banquet was attended.

Do the Germans have big appetites, yes they do. Help was needed to get us back to the hotel. Members visited a Schnaps distillery at Norten-Hardenberg, purely for research reasons you understand.

The nearby medieval town of Goslar, offered members the chance to go underground at a gold / iron mine (Nice and warm in the workings) and to ride a covered wagon and horses around the town’s narrow streets.

Christmas markets were visited, with a glass or three of hot Gluhwein enjoyed, between visiting the many beautifully decorated stalls and shops. A lovely hotel, most splendid lunches and evening dinners, and delightful company, all made for a memorable trip.

The Torrevieja Branch of the U3A welcomes people of all nationalities but the language used is English.

The website is www.torreviejau3a.org

By Cavan Fuller


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