David Bisbal and David Bustamante to perform in Torrevieja


DAVID BISBAL and David Bustamante, two of Spain’s most popular entertainers are coming to Torrevieja in 2012.

Well, at least they are according to their official Twitter sites although their corporate web sites have still to be updated to confirm the fact. 


On December 15, Bisbal performed in Alicante as part of his Acoustic Tour, a take on the MTV Unplugged theme that was so popular a decade or more ago.

His visit to Torrevieja is scheduled for Saturday February 25, 2012, in the Municipal Theatre although pricing has yet to be announced. The show features David Bisbal accompanied by a band of Spanish acoustic guitars, piano, double bass, wind instruments and percussion.

As coincidence would have it, David Bustamante has also confirmed a date in Torrevieja at the Municipal Theatre, as part of his MIO Tour, for Saturday April 21, 2012, with ticket prices yet to be confirmed.

Both artists are presently on tour with their shows. Both David’s are regular faces on Spanish TV although relatively unknown to English Speaking audiences. Of the two, Bisbal is probably best known worldwide.

Born just a few hours away from Torrevieja in Almería in 1979, he began his professional musical career at age 17 as lead singer of the Orchestra Expressions. He gained his initial fame as a runner up on the TV show Operación Triunfo, a sort of Spanish Pop Idol – X-Factor styled program.

He’s toured throughout Europe and Latin America selling more than five million records in Spain and America, earning him 30 Platinum albums, 15 gold and 2 diamond. His break though came in February 2004 with ‘Bulería’ his second album, which sold over one million copies in Spain and 300,000 in the Americas. David Bisbal toured Spain, United States and throughout Latin America and in Spain alone performed to more than 600,000 spectators in 80 concerts, so the Municipal Theatre’s 660 seats will offer Bisbal an opertunity to perform in a much more intimate setting with his audience.

29-year old David Bustamante’s also came to public recognition on the same, first edition of Operación Triunfo. When the program ended in February 2002, David Bustamante was voted third behind David Bisbal and winner Rosa Lopez.

Since then, Bustamante has released five solo albums, toured the world and sold almost two-million albums. His music is very popular on Spanish TV and Radio, falling into a pop-Latin style.

Torrevieja’s new Cultural program is due to be published in the next few weeks and these two artists, when confirmed, will undoubtedly sell out the Municipal Theatre very quickly as Bustamente is not performing in the Southern Costa Blanca during his tour except in Torrevieja and Bisbal has added the date at the very end of his.

Two exciting artists that typify popular Spanish music at this time.

By Keith Nicol
[email protected]


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