Horses roam near Malaga university


RESIDENTS of the Malaga district of Teatinos have complained that horses are allowed to wander loose close to houses in the area.

Teatinos, which is on the outskirts of Malaga heading towards Cartama and Campanillas, is “one of the upcoming, modern areas” of Malaga, the President of the local Residents’ Association, Miguel Angel Millan, commented.

“It is hard to believe that horses are allowed to roam on a municipal plot in this area.” Malaga’s University campus is also located in the area. The fair was held in Teatinos until 10 years ago and while the old stables remain there, so do the horses.


“It would be more logical to move them to Cortijo de Torres, where the fair is held now” Millan said. Residents also complain that the presence of the horses cause bad smells and plagues of insects, and have requested for the area to be cleaned and improved.

They say the city hall always responds with the same excuse: “there is no money”.


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