Finestrat dumping area fiasco


THE report in Spanish newspaper Informacion about a plot of land in the industrial park being used as a permanent dumping ground is “absolutely false,” claims Finestrat Town Hall.

In the article it stated that it had been three weeks since Finestrat Town Hall said they would clean-up the mound of debris that had accumulated on a public plot ‘in a few days’, but that nothing had been done.


Items on the heap include plastics, bottles, old furniture and various other items of rubbish.

Instead they have reportedly been dumping more items and it is believed this is something that is done frequently. “The current council does not seem to care about the image this dump is giving the municipality,” said opposing party Socialist spokesperson Vicente Martinez.

The opposition has asked the town hall to explain what permission they have to use the plot, which is located between two businesses in the industrial park, as a permanent dumping ground.

The response from the Town Hall was that the plot is “used as a temporary storage space for construction materials before being taken for recycling and is not for urban rubbish,” according to spokesperson Juan Francisco Perez.

“Just last week, six tones of residue were removed.”  

By Nicole Hallett


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