Car sales down in Almeria province


CAR sales in Almeria Province have fallen by 32 per cent since the government stopped giving grants for purchasing new vehicles last year.

Since January, 6,359 new vehicles have been sold in Almeria Province, almost 3,000 fewer than last year. Last month, car sales had fallen by 6.4 per cent to 60,395, according to the National Association for Motor Vehicle Sellers, Repairs and Spare Parts (GANVAM), in Spain.


In Almeria, 15.6 per cent fewer cars were sold compared to November last year, with just 476 in total, while 4×4 vehicle sales fell by 12.3 to 78 in November.

Almeria sold 7.6 per cent of the total number of vehicles sold in Andalucia in November, with only Huelva and Jaen showing lower figures.

The worst figures are seen in car sales for private users, with 33 per cent fewer cars sold than in November last year, amounting to 418. Meanwhile, figures for sales to businesses were comparatively a little better, but only 131 vehicles were sold in total.

Experts in the sector in Almeria say that sales are 10 per cent lower than the national average and two per cent lower than the Andalucian average.

They are hoping to see figures improve in December as many showrooms are offering special discounts in order to sell off stock.


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