Acosol not to blame for Benalmadena sewage leak


THE company which manages Benalmadena’s water supply, Acosol, has said it is “not responsible” for a leakage of sewage at the local marina and Malapesquera Beach.

The managing director, Juan Carlos Fernandez, said that the pipe which has broken is for rain water and is maintained by the town hall. This came in response to comments from local mayor Javier Carnero, who had said it was Acosol’s responsibility.


The pipeline was built in the late nineties by the Ministry of Public Works as part of the network to evacuate rain water instead of it going to the same channels as the sewage.

Fernandez therefore expressed his surprise at fecal matter being found in the leakage.

Meanwhile, the head of the conservative Partido Popular in opposition in the town, Enrique Moya, expressed his indignation over the events and announced that he planned to take the case before the Public Prosecutor as an environmental crime.


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