Problem with my cat


Hi Connie,

Two years ago we took in a stray female cat and six months later we took in a stray male cat.

We had both neutered. Bella never liked other cats but tolerated Tomas. She started going to my friends’ house and they gave her treats.


They have returned to the UK, and she has become very nervous, she only comes here for food. She growls if I pick her up and hides until the door is open for her to get out. There are some stray cats hanging around which are adding to the problem.

Last week I found that she had blood in her urine, I took her to the vets and she is now on antibiotics.

The vet has said it could be an infection but it might be stress. She won’t play with her toys, and won’t defend herself. How can I win back her trust?

Regards, Theresa Evans

Hello Theresa,

If the vet has diagnosed cystitis or feline lower urinary tract disease, then stress can be a precipitating factor. This cat’s behaviour suggests that she is very worried by the presence of other cats.

Can you help her live get away from Tomas? A cat flap in the garden shed perhaps?

Feed her away from Tomas and try to help her lead her life without having to go near him. If she is going to stay inside then think about separating them.

Maybe cut a cat-flap into a bedroom where she can retreat. Two feeding locations. Two litter trays.

Best wishes, Connie


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