A hairy encounter at Iceland supermarket in Javea


PROVING Iceland supermarket employees have warm hearts, three Javea staff members volunteered to grow moustaches as part of a sponsorship deal to raise money for the Gandia Children’s Orphanage.

During the past weeks Louis, Ashley and Peter have been happily sprouting the fungus to prove they are top masculine men of action, but secretly dreading the day when as part of the charity agreement, Iceland ladies would be set free to relieve their upper lips of their hairy endeavours.


That day arrived last Thursday December 1 when the three moustache-eers, nervously succumbed to the delicate swipes of Iceland’s finest female Sweeny Todd’s who – with what can only be described as evil grins – removed the offending growths with a complete disregard for the victims vulnerable throats and local health and safety regulations.

After the ceremony a rather shaky Ashley told the EWN that the guys had every confidence in the skills of the girls until just before the shave-off, they learnt that none of the practice balloons had survived.

Hats off to Iceland guys and gals who eventually raised the grand sum of €293.84 for the kids of the Gandia Orphanage. 


By Benny Davis



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