Residencia Marymar retirement home’s wish


FOUR female elderly residents remain at the Marymar retirement home in Benalmadena despite it having closed six months ago.

They are waiting for a judge’s decision, which is expected mid-December, as to whether they can stay or have to be moved to Ronda. “Unicaja has technicians investigating the building with the hope that they will come back with a report that says the building is unsafe,” said Sonia Martinez, spokesperson for the families of the remaining Marymar residents.

The 4,000 square meter building was built in the mid-60s on the beach front, but according to former mayor of Benalmadena, Enrique Moya, it was restored just a few years ago, as EWN reported in May this year.


All are women in wheelchairs and one is hooked up to an oxygen tank 24-hour a day.

The more than 70 elderly residents of the home were told on April 8 that they had leave by May 31 for urgent repair work to be carried out at the property.

In July, Unicaja sent the remaining residents a letter telling them they had to leave in 10 days.

As the remaining four women refuse to leave, Unicaja denounced them and they attended a court hearing last Friday.


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