Home owners walk in on ‘burglar’ in Elche


A MAN was arrested for burgling an apartment in Elche. A 35-year-old Latvian was allegedly ‘caught in the act’ inside the property with various items of value on his person by the property owners.

Police were called (091) and various patrols arrived and arrested the suspect.


Various tools that the ‘burglar’ allegedly used to break-into the property were taken as evidence. The items that were stolen, which included €2,400 in cash, various items of jewellery, mobile phones and some lottery tickets, have been returned to the property owner.

An investigation is underway to determine if the detainee is the perpetrator of at least three other burglaries in the area that used similar methods.

Officers are also investigating as to whether a third party is involved in these burglaries.


By Nicole Hallett


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