Benidorm’s adult only hotels


IN the last two years, three new ‘adult only’ hotels have opened in Benidorm.

Guests that stay at these hotels must be over 16 years of age. These hotels are joining a specialist market that segments into ‘families only’, ‘just for gays’, as well as hotels for golfers, foodies, among others.


One such hotel is Riviera Beach, Levante Club, which opened in 2009 and Sandos Monaco which opened this year.

“My husband is not a fan of children and it seems wherever we go we are next to screaming youngsters and it has ruined many a holiday for us, so having the option to stay at an ‘adults only’ hotel is wonderful,” said Irene Hall from London.

On the other hand, Louise Griffiths from Liverpool loves to go to ‘family only’ hotels with her family of four.

“I like not having to worry about my children disturbing grumpy childless couples and there are always plenty of activities that they can enjoy,” she said.

Photo credit: Jaume Meneses


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