Man arrested for hitting boy with stick in Palma

A MAN, 47, arrested in Palma has admitted hitting a boy with a stick due to personal problems with the victim’s father.
The 12-year-old was admitted to hospital with a head wound for which he had to have stitches. The boy’s father told officers that he did not even know the detainee.
The incident took place on Calle Colliure was seen by witnesses who could not understand the reason for the ‘unprovoked’ attack. He had been drinking and a short while before the attack a group of boys had been teasing him, witnesses told Spanish newspaper Diario de Mallorca.
Police officers took down the description of the man and did a sweep of the area, locating him soon after.
He tried to escape when he saw officers, by hiding in a doorway, where he was eventually arrested.


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