No sick leave for Balearic health care staff


THE Balearic Health Department wants to change the conditions of its 14,000 employees so they are paid less if they are off sick.

Until now, they were guaranteed their full month’s salaries even if they were on sick leave for several days. However, the health department wants to make their conditions the same as those of the general Social Security regime which establishes that anyone on sick leave for between four and 20 days will receive 60 per cent of their wages, and if the leave is more than 20 days, 75 per cent, but that leave of up to three days will receive no pay at all.


The General Workers’ Union (UGT) has warned that this increases the risk of staff on lowest pay going to work when they should really stay at home, which is not advisable in the health sector as they could infect patients with whatever ailment they have.

Plus UGT does not consider it advisable amongst people who are more prone to fall ill because they come into contact with patients.

By Jennifer Leighfield



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