Residents complain of ‘after hours’ parties in Cerros del Aguila


PROCEEDINGS have been initiated against a British man accused of running an ‘after hours’ club from a home in Cerros del Aguila, Mijas.

The Local Police said they received several complaints from residents in the area who reported that parties were organized at the house from 5am onwards which were attended by many people who left their vehicles in the surrounding streets.


They also said there had been traffic accidents which caused damage to private and urban property, dangerous driving and excessive noise.

Surveillance was set up around the house where the owner was allegedly charging €20 for entrance and a drink.

The police and Guardia Civil attempted to access the house but the owner refused to let them in, but was unable to provide the necessary licences for the activity which was allegedly being carried out in the house or an insurance policy.

He claimed that it was a private birthday party.

While the police were there, a driver crashed into the wall of another property and was found to be drunk.


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