Demonstrations against Benidorm’s Animal Welfare Centre


FORMER Volunteers at Benidorm’s municipal animal welfare centre, made themselves present on the town’s streets.

It was an effort to bring attention to what they say is the plight of animals in the town’s care, and presented a list of complaints to the council citing some 30 counts of alleged maltreatment of the animals by the authorities.


The allegations include mistreatment, malnourishment, and the fact that too many animals are being put down without good reason, for what the ex volunteers say are for reasons of convenience and economy.

The ex volunteers state that their intention is not to close the centre, but to bring attention to what they feel are the shortcomings of management practice, which have led to the less than acceptable care offered to the towns stray and lost cats and dogs.

A further accusation made by the ex volunteers is the method by which the animals are put down, and cites instances where owners are not given the opportunity to be present.

Benidorm town hall said it was not aware of the misgivings, and said it contributed thirty three thousand euros annually towards the upkeep of the centre.

It was also alleged by the ex volunteers that the situation was bad for tourism and would do nothing to enhance the town’s reputation amongst the animal loving British. “Owners have been known to take their animals as far as Alicante to avoid using the Benidorm centre” they said.

By Paul Deed



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