Velez Town Hall must pay back €1 million


VELEZ-MALAGA Town Hall will have to return €1 million as plans for a Congress Hall in the town have been shelved for now.

The local mayor, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, said that the project would not go ahead due to the financial crisis the town hall is experiencing.


He also explained that the agreements reached with the Provincial Government and the Junta de Andalucia Council of Tourism, Commerce and Sports, which provided two thirds of the money needed for the project, would be rejected.

The Junta was to provide €3.33 million, the same as the Provincial Government, and the amount which the town hall would have to find to complete the budget, however, Delgado said that at a time like this, it would be impossible.

The town hall had already received €1 million from the Junta to start the work, but the former governing team allegedly used it for other projects, and now the new corporation will have to find the money to return to the Junta, while demanding explanations from the former team.



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