Endesa cuts of water supply to Valle de Abdalajis


ELECTRICITY company Endesa, has cut off the supply to the well which supplies the town of Valle de Abdalajis near the reservoirs between Alora and Ardales.

The well was opened by Railway Administration Adif in La Sierrecilla area as part of an agreement to compensation the town for accidentally perforating an aquifer which supplied water to the town during works being carried out for the AVE high-speed train line.


Since then, the company paid to carry out the work, Sacyr, had been paying for the electricity to use the pump to extract water from the well, but apparently they have failed to do so and at the well housing, Endesa placed a notice reading “Cut off for Sacyr failing to pay” the mayor, Francisco Sierras explained to the local press.

However, the reason for this is that the town hall agreed to start paying the electric bills from February this year, but failed to do so. The mayor says the bills will be put in the name of the town hall as soon as possible.

Photo credit: PhillipC


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