Torrevieja’s Rowing Club founders return to the water


FIVE YEARS after their formation, nine of the members who founded the Torrevieja’s Rowing Club, returned to the water.

Now qualifying as veterans, the group are planning on rowing again in a sport which Torrevieja has excelled at for many years, in many categories from youth through the ladies Spanish championship winning team to the veterans categories.


The nine partook in a leisurely, hour long row from Marina Salinas along the Torrevieja  coast before returning to the terra firma to celebrate an anniversary lunch, where they shared many stories and antidotes of bygone day.

The same group will meet again in late November at Alcalá del Júcar, where they hope to descend the Río Gabriel. The founders of the Club, who attended the meeting were: Pepe Vera, Rogelio Bernal, Nino Ballester, Jesus Baeza, Jose M. “The Chutian” Toni Hernandez, Santiago Torrano, Gerardo Rodriguez and Juan José Gómez.

For more information on the Club de Remo Cofradía de Pescadores-Marina Salinas, please contact Guardiola Fernando Molina their Press and Communication officer at [email protected]

By Keith Nicol


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