Staffing ‘not a problem’ at toddler clash in Elche nursery


AN incident involving two children at an Elche nursery school was not the result understaffing, insisted Education councillor David McEvoy.

A 22-month-old girl was sent home with 30 bites and bruises inflicted by another child but following consultations with the area’s schools’ inspector, McEvey confirmed that the number of staff employed at the Alborada nursery school remained unchanged for the last 30 years.


“What occurred was lamentable but  an official investigation is underway to get to the bottom of what happened,” said McEvoy.  The Education department had promised parents that there would not be a repetition of an episode which the councillor described as “shameful.”

McEvoy did, however, refute claims by the Parents’ Association that episodes like these occurred because there were many children and few nursery assistants.

Opposition councillor, PSOE socialist Blanca Gonzalez, lamented what had happened, describing it as another example of the effects of cost-cutting but was accused by the PP conservatives of politicising a delicate situation.

The child’s father made a formal complaint to prevent similar episodes occurring in the future but did not want financial compensation, he said.  However, he had lost faith in the Alborada school and admitted feeling indignant that the council had not offered his daughter a place at another school.


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