Former councillor in Lepe (Huelva) admits to ignoring complaints


A FORMER councillor in Lepe, Huelva, admitted in court that he ignored 75 complaints from local residents against a pub.

The accused, who was councillor for urban development in the town between 2003 and 2007 and was charged with corruption, said he ignored the complaints despite knowing that the establishment had been given a license in 2004 as a bar without music.


The owners and managers of the pub were also to stand trial and have admitted to the charges and agreed on compensation for the affected locals who suffered psychological problems for more than five years. They were sentenced to five months and 29 days in prison and a fine of €1,000.

The former councillor has been banned from holding his former position for seven years and a fine of €1,440.

The trial was not held after those accused accepted the charges and saw their sentences reduced and agreed to pay compensation.



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