Mother in Velez-Malaga forced underage twins into prostitution


NATIONAL POLICE in Velez-Malaga arrested a woman who was forcing her two daughters to work as prostitutes. The police received information that the two minors, who are twins and live with their mother in the town, were working in different brothels in the area.

They discovered that they had been brought from Romania by a man who made them work in brothels in Gerona, Cataluña, while their mother controlled what they did and took the money they earned, giving 50 per cent to this man. After several months in Cataluña, they were brought to Malaga province, where their mother took their ID from them and gave them false identities to hide the fact that they were minors.

The mother was arrested and charged with white slave trade and document falsification. The girls were taken into the care of the Junta de Andalucia.


Photo credit: Maximo Lopez 


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