Matador and spectator equally in danger


I CALL them authentic corridas. There is only one place in all of Spain that celebrates them just once a year on October 12 in the very pretty town of La Peza near Granada on the Almeria side.

In the morning the bulls run through the streets (just like in Pamplona) to the plaza where they will be part of the taurine ceremony. (Bullfighting is such an unfortunate word selection for this antiquated celebration of beauty, art and death that few foreigners can quite understand.Even the digital Spanish nation brought up with cartoons of this fabled animal are not attending as much as years just before the recession).


But, if you want to view something totally authentic and different La Peza is your place to be on Dia de Hispanidad the 12 of this month.

Take a good look at this picture. There are no barriers to separate bull from spectator. In real life it is a lot more frightening.




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