Izquierda Unida proposes support for bank loans in Rincon de la Victoria


IZQUIERDA UNIDA in Rincon de la Victoria has suggested that the town hall become a guarantor for local residents who request small loans from local banks.

The spokesman for the left-wing party, Pedro Fernandez, commented that the current economic crisis has led to fewer loans being granted and prevented families and entrepreneurs from accessing the resources they need.


To put an end to this, IU has presented a motion in which it suggests that the town hall reach agreements with local banks and savings banks which, with municipal backing, would allow people to access loans of up to €3,000.

Otherwise, they say, what is happening is that families are finding themselves insolvent and the entities to which they owe money are taking advantage of the situation. To prevent this, they suggest a ‘Family Guarantee Fund’ with €120,000 which through the town hall would allow families to declare insolvency, and the council would then negotiate with the banks to prevent families from falling into precarious situations.

This, they say, would improve the situation of many local families especially the more than €4,000 people who are unemployed in the town.

Fernandez said that “politicians have the duty to support families and help them out of this situation by putting economic resources at their reach”.



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