Valencia has the worst health service according to FADSP


THE Valencian Region has the worst health services, according to a study by the Federation of Public Health Defence Associations (FADSP).

Out of a total of 74 points, Valencia scored 29. The Canary Islands came second with 34 points, and Madrid third with 37. Galicia and Murcia were fourth and fifth with 38 and 41 points respectively.


The regions with the best health services were Navarra with 63 points, Asturias and Castilla and Leon with 54, and Aragon with 53.

Those regions that have average health services included Basque Country (52), Castilla La Mancha (50), Cantabria (48), La Rioja and Extremadura (46) and Catalonia (45). Behind them are the Balearic Islands (43), and Andalusia (42).


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