Tourist train accident in Torre del Mar


FIVE people were injured in Torre del Mar when one of the wagons of the local tourist train overturned on a bend.

Local Police have reported that although they have not yet concluded the investigation into the accident, the do not believe it was caused by a technical error.


At the scene of the accident the didn’t find oil, soil or anything else that could have caused the train to overturn, and believe that it may have been travelling too fast, as confirmed by witnesses, causing it to hit the edge of a roundabout. Meanwhile, the train remains out of service.

The five elderly passengers, three women and two men, were taken to the Axarquia Regional Hospital but were released shortly afterwards with slight injuries, such as cuts and bruises. They have said that they had noticed the train was going too fast and was leaning to one side on bends.

They were visiting Torre del Mar from Almaraz in Caceres, with a group of 104 people from an association for the elderly.

There were another four people on the train at the time but they were in another wagon.


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