Tram works between Altea and Denia


FOR those who use the tram between Altea and Calpe (line 9), the regular decrease in speed at certain points on the track are obvious and perhaps frustrating.

Now the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment, through the Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) has begun work to improve the stretch between Altea and Calpe, and eradicate the need for such action.


FGV is currently developing the project of consolidating several embankments on Line 9, located between Altea and Calpe. The work includes the construction of two new viaducts in two of the sections affected by wear of the land and complete replacement of the affected landfill elsewhere.

Structural problems in landfills affecting a stretch of railway track length cover approximately one mile, and are mostly located within the municipal area of ​​Altea, including around where the track runs closest to the AP-7 and the N-332.

At this point the tram pathway goes through a series of four embankments separated by stretches of cleared land, whose route cuts across three valleys developed from reliefs located immediately north of the track. In 2008 FGV conducted a series of studies in those areas and damage was observed to these areas.

This repairs will consist of replacing the tops of the embankments, and the installation of cross drains to the track. Similarly, in two sections were rubble walls will be overhauled.

Currently, the line remains in service, even with a substantial decrease in its speed on these sections. The geological and geotechnical studies of 2010 concluded the damage was caused to a dreat extent by torrential rains over the past two years, that have led to the softening of embankments and other diseases and have affected the integrity of the rubble walls.

Line 9 has more than 50 kilometres of track running between Benidorm and Denia, and last year about 700,000 visitors used it.

Photo credit: pastitio


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