‘Birth of Venus’ mosaic to be restored


THE Junta de Andalucia will restore the ‘Birth of Venus’ second century mosaic owned by Malaga Museum. The work will be carried out by the Andalucian Historical Heritage Institute.

The mosaic, which is six metres long by four metres wide was discovered in a house in Cartama in 1956. The centre of the piece shows Aphrodite with long hair on a large shell, blown by the Gods and pulled by dolphins to the beach on one of the islands dedicated to her.


So far, samples have been taken and damages have been mapped. The institute has also begun work on a Punic Hypogeum which will be on exhibit for the first time when the new museum moves to the Palacio de la Aduana, the old customs building near the Roman Theatre.

It was found in Calle Marmoles last century.


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