6 arrested as police smash gigolo scam


POLICE in Fuengirola arrested six people accused of conning 180 men out of €53,000 promising them work as male escorts. The group put adverts in the press throughout Spain offering ‘gigolo’ jobs for young men.

Once the victims had contacted them, they were told to access a website which gave them details about the job. To qualify the men had to register online and transfer between €200 and €1,000 to different accounts.


The would-be-gigolos would be promised they would be put in contact with women interested in their services. This never happened, the detainees allegedly pocketing the cash. Although not identified, it is known those arrest include: a couple in their 40s; the woman’s brother – a 36-year-old computer expert, and three other people aged between 24 and 30, who opened the bank accounts and obtained five per cent of the benefits.


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