White scorpions in Antequera


PARENTS at the La Quinta neighbourhood of Antequera are living in fear due to a plague of scorpions affecting the area.

While the sting of the white scorpions is painful to adults, their sting can be fatal to children under the age of four, according to press reports. Residents complain that it is their children who are in greatest danger, as they can’t play in the street or even in their own gardens.


Some residents have reported being stung by these scorpions in their homes. Among those stung is a pregnant woman who was taken to hospital. Residents blame untended land near the urbanization which they says has not been fumigated and has become a breeding ground for insects and other animals.

The Residents Association of La Quinta has demanded the town hall take action against the “massive presence of these scorpions.” Local Councilor for the Environmental, Juan Alvarez, says the matter is in the hands of the local cleaning company.


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