Thinking robots that can talk to each other

In the Terminator film series Skynet somputer system becomes self-aware and launches an attack on humanity after linking up with millions of other comuters around the world.

ROBOTS that can learn have finally arrived.

Using Self-Organising Incremental Neural Network (SOINN) technology, a robot that can perform functions it was not programmed to do has been developed by Japanese researchers.


Using past experiences and its own knowledge it makes a judgement about the best way to proceed.

The robot is also able to connect to the internet and ask other robots for help.

So far it has only performed simple tasks including picking up glasses of water and putting ice in them, but the developers hope that just as a child learns more skills, the robot’s abilities will develop and expand over time.

It was not told to put the ice in the cup, it paused to think and decided to do that itself.

“This little demonstration represents a true leap forward in robotics technology and programming,” said Bob Yirka.

“It is not unlike how human beings start out with very little information at birth and build upon what they know and are able t do over a lifetime.”

It is possible to see a video of the robot in action on YouTube.


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