Noise limits too low for sa Gerreria


THE Association of Restauranteers in sa Gerreria – a neighbourhood in central Palma – has asked the Town Hall to amend noise regulations.

They believe that the current limit of 60 decibels at night is too restrictive because a normal conversation between two people is already around 65 decibels. The Town Hall say that they are waiting for State legislation which is currently being drafted on this matter.


The future regulation from the Central Government will be the same or a little more flexible than the existing ordinance, according to Citizen Security Councillor Guillermo Navarro. The current situation is “unsustainable” according to the sa Gerreria Association of Restauranteers who say that if they must close at midnight their businesses will not be profitable.

Bars and restaurants in sa Gerreria directly employ nearly 200 people and indirectly more than 100. Also in favour of updating the noise control is the president of Palma citizens association Fepae, Soledad Sarabia. “There is a need to differentiate the noise generated in conversations and that from leisure activities,” she said.

A better solution would be to encourage leisure premises to install soundproofing to avoid disturbing neighbours, Sarabia suggested.


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