Zapatero a ‘pacifist weasel’ – Anders Behring Breivik


ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK, responsible for the Norway massacre, accused Spain’s president of “giving in to Islam.”

A 1,500-word document, posted on the internet shortly before Breivik slaughtered 76 people on July 22, said Spain’s Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was “a pacifist weasel.”


Zapatero had also made fun of Spain’s armed forces by putting a pregnant woman, Carme Chacon, in charge of the Defence ministry, wrote Breivik.

In doing so, Zapatero had made it quite clear that he had no intention of defending Spain against Moslems, wrote the self-proclaimed Christian fundamentalist.

The document mentioned Spain 92 times, with much of its invective reserved for Zapatero who came to power thanks to Al Qaeda, according to the ultra rightwing fanatic. Spain had forgotten its past, Breivik claimed, and Zapatero had “surrendered the country to Moslems and mass immigration, with a ‘pull effect’ on Africa and parts of Asia.”

The socialists had “a fantasist vision” of turning Spain into “a post-modern utopia of multiculturalism” Breivik declared, although he was also uncomplimentary towards conservative PP politician, Gustavo de Aristegui.  Married to Nadia Khalfi, a member of Morocco’s high society, De Aristegui was dismissed by Breivik as “a little too weak.”

There was criticism for the former vice-president and government spokeswoman, Maria Teresa Fernández de la Vega, described as “a master of political correctness.”

The Basque terror group ETA was “hostile by default” to Breivik’s plans for a European reconquest but steps would not be taken against it until his own followers were in political and military charge of Spain.

Inevitably Breivik mentioned El Cid, “a crusader and Spanish hero who resisted and fought against Islamisation” but he was clearly disappointed by Spain’s ultra-rightwing parties.  They were very fragmented and of an unstable nature, he lamented.


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