People arrested for involvement in stolen tobacco network


NINETEEN people have been arrested for their involvement with a network which stole tobacco throughout Spain.

They were arrested in Madrid, Toledo, Malaga and Cadiz for crimes carried out in Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, Extremadura and Andalucia. Charges include aggravated robbery, illicit association, car theft, drugs trafficking, robbery and retaining people against their will.


The investigation began in December 2010 when a couple was kidnapped in Cuenca by five men wearing hoods. They were taken to the warehouse where the man worked, where the thieves stole around €1m worth of tobacco.

The goods were stored at several warehouses in Malaga. Police seized 61 mobile phones, €60,000 worth of tobacco, several precision scales, seven real and fake guns, balaclavas, handcuffs, computers and tools used in the robberies.

Four other members of the gang have been identified but not yet arrested.


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