Man arrested for car park rapes


POLICE in Ubeda, Jaen, arrested a man who allegedly let down the tyres on women’s car and raped them after offering them help. The 36-year-old man has been charged with one sexual assault and three attempted sexual assaults.

He allegedly waited in the car park of a local shopping centre and chose his victims, always women on their own, as they went in to do their shopping. He would then let down a tyre of their car and wait for them to return. He then informed them that they had a flat tyre and ‘kindly’ offer to help change it, gaining the women’s confidence.


Once the tyre was changed, he would say he was late and ask the woman to take him somewhere by car, and on the way, attempted to sexually assault them. Police worked with the security guards at the shopping centre to identify and detain the man. They are investigating whether he committed similar crimes in nearby towns.


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