Disquiet over Guardia Civil hours in Pulpi


PULPI’S mayor, Juan Pedro Garcia, is “upset and worried” by the local Guardia Civil’s new timetable. Instead of attending the public in the morning and afternoon, the local headquarters will now open from 8am until 3pm.

He was unhappy at “losing and diminishing” a service formerly available to the public, declared the mayor, who claimed the new system would inconvenience residents. Most of the local population had jobs, he said, and it would not always be possible for them to get to the station during the morning to make formal complaints or carry out other formalities.


He intended to make a written request and ask the Guardia Civil to resume their afternoon opening hours in Pulpi. “We feel that this important and necessary service which the Guardia Civil has been providing in a very professional manner until now should be maintained for the benefit of all, Juan Pedro Garcia said.


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