Pet owners warned by Izquierda Unida of cruel pet traps


IZQUIERDA UNIDA members in Velez-Malaga have reported to the Local Police that someone has been putting down meat with pins in as a trap to kill household pets.

A resident alerted the party to the fact that pieces of minced meat had been found in Calle Ronda de Andalucia containing pins which would cause suffering and eventual death to any animal that ate it. “This isn’t the first time that traps and poisons have been found in the town” Izquierda Unida reported, “despite it being strictly banned”.


The Local Police have been asked to look into who has been capable of “deliberately preparing and distributing deadly traps for animals in the streets of Velez-Malaga”.

The party has recommended that pet owners not let their pets out on their own and be very careful not to let them eat anything in the street. They also said it is important to raise social awareness in defense of animals and take legal measures to protect them.


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