Eight officers vs American teen in Palma


IT took eight police officers to lock an 18-year-old American man into a jail cell. He had been arrested earlier in Calle Llaut in the s’Arenal part of Palma for allegedly ‘punching anybody who crossed his path’, Spanish newspaper Diario de Mallorca reported.

Police were called to the scene after the manager of an establishment was assaulted by a ‘drunk shirtless man’. Kentucky born Michael Leon W was accompanied by German friends, who told officers that he had been drinking a lot and promised to take him to his hotel, so they let him go.


Half an hour later they were called back because he had begun ‘trying to hit’ passersby. On the way to the Sant Ferran headquarters the youth apparently began to get violent, head butting the screen that separated him from the police.

He then apparently fell and cut his head in his struggles with officers attempting to get him into the jail cell. The detainee was later taken to Son Espases Hospital, his hands and feet shackled, but had to be given a tranquilizer when doctors where unable to attend to him. After treatment he was returned to his cell and has been charged with resisting arrest and bodily harm.


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