A high price to pay for neglecting the city streets


ALMERIA City Hall has had to pay out €15,000 in compensation in just one month due to maintenance problems in the city.

Residents complain every day about urban furnishings, pavements, manhole covers, meter boxes, potholes, branches and a long list of other problems. However, this rarely goes any further than a simple complaint.


However, if the situation causes them direct harm, they often decide to take legal action. The Andalucian Supreme Court of Justice has recently come down on the side of three locals who the City Hall has had to pay a total of €15,352. One of them stepped on manhole cover which broke, causing him injuries to his leg and foot. He has been awarded €2,451.

Another stepped into a hole in the road, fell over and twisted her ankle. She has received €11,268. The third damaged his lorry when he collided with the branches of a tree which hadn’t been cut back. He has been paid 1,568 for repairs. Meanwhile, the City Hall has announced plans to make Calle Cubo and Calle General Castaños pedestrian areas. This was suggested by local residents’ associations, who believe it will be more enjoyable for them and more attractive to tourists.


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