19th Century sunken ship found by Denia resident


BY chance, a man from Denia discovered the remains of a ship that sunk in the early 19th Century. Jean Castera found it about 700 meters from the coast at about three meters in depth and has provided photographic evidence of the underwater archaeological site.

Items will be put on display in the Jeannot archive in Denia’s Achaeological Museum registrar, named after its discoverer. The ships frames and attachment systems are well preserved, but quite scattered so it was the ceramics and glasswork that placed the ship from the first half of the 19th Century, said a municipal statement.


Textures and typological characteristics of the ceramics suggest that the wreck originated from a port south of Denia, probably the Andalucian coast. This will need to be confirmed at a later date through a systematic survey. The absence of weapons or ammunition suggest that it was a mid-sized ship likely used for transporting goods.

Further findings can be followed on Twitter @ep_ciencia.

By Nicole Hallett


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