Denia cuts staff not salaries


SALARIES have not been affected by Denia Town Hall’s cost-cutting measures. Instead, just 10 advisors have been appointed, two less than the last legislature, saving €44,000.

Two secretary posts have been eliminated; one for Gent de Denia, half a post for Bloc and half for PSD. These political parties now have just one councillor and a part-time secretary. Finance, Trade and Employment Councillor Vicente Chelet will earn an annual salary of  €44,671, as will Works and Services Councillor Francisco (PP) and Unificat Centre Councillor Juan Carlos Signes, who is in charge of Environment, Parks and Gardens and Sports.


Mayoress Ana María Kringe Sánchez (PP) will receive €47,579 per year. The town hall said salaries were reduced two years ago.


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