China to the rescue

Premier Wen Jiabao

China recently “injected Europe with confidence” i.e. money.   Despite Eurosceptics’ glee, a wiped-out Europe means wipe-out for them, too, and would hardly be good news for China. So visiting premier Wen must have smiled inwardly when David Cameron told him that dialogue on trade and human rights need not be mutually exclusive. Wen knows that it makes a pleasant change when the wolf at the door is prepared to lend money too, especially if payback time is not mentioned.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum / Natalie Behring 

 Letters of the alphabet


BRITAIN’S prime minister did not categorically rule out his Coalition partner Nick Clegg’s suggestion that taxpayers should receive shares in the banks their money helped bail out.  However, both Chancellor George Osborne and the City would lose out and the scheme is unlikely to get off the ground – less a U-turn on Cameron’s part than an initiative forever clogged in the S-bend.

Something of a dampener

NONE doubt the sincerity of Egyptians, Tunisians, Libyans and now Syrians demanding a greater say in their countries’ undemocratic systems. But as events continue to unfold in Egypt, elections later this year could ensconce the Islamist Moslem Brotherhood who would eventually substitute one form of tyranny with another.   With Moslem Brotherhood members amongst its dissidents, there is no guarantee that Syria will be different.


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