British girl ‘raped’ at Magalluf hotel


FOUR British tourists aged 19 to 20 were arrested for their alleged involvement in the violation of a fellow Brit at the hotel they were staying at in Magalluf. It is believed that two of the young men raped the 19-year-old girl.

At the judges hearing all four of them said they were very drunk and one said that he had consensual sex with the girl. The victim admitted that she had also been drinking alcohol and that she had willingly gone to the detainee’s room with one of the young men for consensual sex.


Once in the bedroom another boy joined in against her will. She reported the rape, received medical care and was taken to Palma Hospital for an examination. They have been released with charges.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old German girl reported that she had been raped right in the street on Calle s’Arenal, although she could not remember what had happened as she had been drinking.


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