Eviction delayed thanks to protest group in Elche.


THE anti-eviction group created by members of the 15-M protests in Elche has managed to delay the eviction of an elderly couple in the city. A judge has agreed to grant a 30-day extension to decide whether the couple, who are in their sixties and have lived in the apartment for 38 years, will be evicted.

In 2006, the couple provided a guarantee of €60,000 for their son-in-law for a construction company which had to close, so the bank demanded the €400 per month to pay off the loan from them. The postponement of the eviction has been possible thanks to proceedings  for misappropriation being brought against the bank, as the family claims to have paid them €30,000 on the loan but the bank “has ignored the payment” according to a spokesperson.


The lawyer for the group has thanked people for their concern but reminded them that after the 30-day extension, the process will go ahead.


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