15-M protester’s lottery win in Madrid


FACING economic hard times, a Spanish citizen who took part in the month-long protest in Madrid went home after the weekend to find he had won €1.3 million in a lottery draw. Since 2007 the 34-year- winner was signed up for the Loteria Primitiva with online ticket-seller Serviapuestas. Two months ago he opted out due to his financial situation. Last Thursday he had the urge to reactivate his participation and claimed a winning ticket.

While the draw was held over the weekend, the winner did not learn of his great fortune until he arrived home on Monday after being away all weekend to take part in the protest at Puerta del Sol, Madrid.  
It is unknown what the winner will do with his money, but it is believed he may use it to start the business he has in mind which he could never do up until now due to a lack of means and money.


By James Euesden


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