17 Garrucha Civil Protection volunteers resign


THE 17 Civil Protection volunteers in Garrucha have resigned this week. This comes after the local council decided to exclude one of the volunteers from the beach services for this summer, which was confirmed by local mayor Juan Francisco Fernandez, apparently because he campaigned with the local PSOE group in the town, criticizing the local council during the run-up to the municipal elections in May.

However, according to the local Civil Protection coordinator, Jordi Carmona, he later apologized if he had offended anyone


The mayor has said that there is no political motivation behind his exclusion from the service, simply that he is “not qualified” and because they want a woman in the position to “diversify the services on offer”.

Carmona claims this is not true and says that he, for one, will be offering his time and services to other local groups, but no longer to the Civil Protection.




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