Marbella lawyers in Movistar class action


A FIRM of lawyers in Marbella, Lexland, are to bring a class action for compensation on behalf of the thousands affected by the Movistar fire which left them without service for several days. ON May 6, a fire at the Movistar telephone exchange in Malaga affected around 90,000 people.

In total the fire is thought to have affected 50,000 phone lines and broadband connections and some mobile phone connections across Malaga Province.

For almost a week, thousands of homes, ATMs, businesses and even public utilities were without a telephone and internet line, harming their businesses.


Some of those affected reportedly had to wait up to 12 days for reconnection.

Movistar said they would be entitled to an average of €1 per day compensation.

Consumer protection group FACUA described the compensation as “ridiculous.”



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