German tourism up 10% in Playa de Palma

playa de palma
Playa de Palma

THE number of German tourists in Playa de Palma has increased by 10 per cent compared to last year. By comparison, the number of British tourists staying in Palmanova decreased. In May, the average occupancy of hotels in Playa de Palma was 77 per cent, according to Francisco Marin, the president of the area’s hospitality association.

“Half of these were German tourists who generally stay from Thursday to Sunday,”  he said. While in May, June and September many of  Playa de Palma’s tourists come to celebrate stag nights, in July and August the majority are families, explained Marin.

British tourists predominate in the Palmanova-Magalluf area, often to ‘celebrate stag parties right into July’, but fewer are staying overnight compared to 2010, said Sebastia Darder, the area’s hospitality association president.

He said that he hopes this situation will change in the coming months. The reason for the decline of British tourists is believed to be because there are not enough flights to Mallorca, claimed Darder.

As for the average daily expenditure of these tourists,  both Darder and Marin said they were not aware of this data, but that it was probably similar to other tourist profiles.

“Some weeks are better than others. It can vary from person to person so it depends on the group,” said Marin.

Meanwhile, Germans prefer Palma to both Barcelona and Malaga, according to

Picture Credit: Claudio Sartini


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