Teenage girl is expelled from 3 schools in Almeria


A GIRL in Adra (Almeria) has been expelled from all three high schools in the town. She was initially expelled from IES Gaviota for attacking a teacher and sent to IES Abdera. However, on the first day of the next term, she smacked a teacher at the new high school and was expelled again, and sent to IES Virgen del Mar.


But it has now been revealed that she kicked and scratched a teacher who intended to prevent her entering a classroom.



Several other students at the high school organized a protest to express their support for their teachers, who they say have always taken good care of them and helped them.

The case will now be taken over by Adra Social Services and the Mental Health department of the local health district.

She has attended orientation classes, which seem to have had no effect, and teachers fear that her problem is mental, rather than her being a rebellious student.



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